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Friday, September 22, 2017 This Week's Paper
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Milton Police Department

During the time between Aug. 16 and Aug. 31, Milton police officers responded to 500 incidents, generated 43 cases, issued a total of 34 tickets, including nine criminal citations, four non-traffic citations, 20 traffic infractions and one non-traffic infraction.

Two vehicles and three people were in the parking lot of a closed business on Aug. 30. The usually locked gate was open, and the people were milling around a tool shed. The officers drove into the parking lot and asked the two males and female if they worked there. One of the males later said he did and began to play the name game. The officer placed him in handcuffs and advised him he was being detained until he could come up with his real name. He then remembered his name, was cited for giving false information to an officer, and booked on a warrant.

Several trees fell throughout Milton during the windstorm on Aug. 29, blocking roadways and knocking down power lines.

Loud exhaust coming from a vehicle attracted an officer’s attention and he ran the license plate through the Department of Licensing. That records search revealed the registered owner’s driving status was suspended. The officer stopped and contacted the driver, who was not only driving with his license suspended; he also had a felony warrant. The driver was taken into custody for the warrant and driving violations.

An officer completing a patrol check on Aug. 28 observed a vehicle parked off by itself in a parking lot. The vehicle was reported stolen out of Tacoma. The owner, who came to retrieve his vehicle, told the officer the car’s stereo and his child’s baseball equipment were missing.

Patio furniture was taken on Aug. 25 from businesses in the 1200 block of Porter Way. Two patio chairs and two tables had been removed from the porch of the business during the night. Two additional chairs were stolen last month, and the owner did not report it. Another business owner reported that her wooden bench was also missing. She described the bench as having metal ends with a rose design that was valued at about $150.

A resident spent $200 for two tickets from to the “Pain in the Grass” concert that had been advertised on Craigslist. The victim was told at the gate that the tickets were invalid because they had been refunded to the original purchaser whose name was not the same as the person from whom she bought the tickets.

An officer observed a vehicle pass him on Aug. 24, and the driver’s face appeared to be illuminated by the glow of an electronic device. His front headlights were out, his tabs expired, and he failed to signal when he was making a turn, and reportedly drove erratically. The officer initiated a traffic stop and determined the driver was intoxicated.

An elderly resident returned home from the hospital on Aug. 22 to discover that her apartment had been gone through as though someone was looking for something. She noticed that her prescription medications were taken. No one had permission to enter her residence.

A Safeway employee had her vehicle stolen from the store's parking lot on Aug. 17. The victim explained she was in the store doing her job when an unknown person took her coat from a cart. She stated her car keys were inside her coat pocket. When she realized her coat was missing, she went to the parking lot and found her vehicle was gone. The vehicle is a 2006 Red Toyota Corolla.

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