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Ticketing underway

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More than 800 warnings issued for speeding in a school zone during a 30-day warning period; Drivers found in violation to receive citations starting Sept. 3.

The City of Fife will issue Notices Of Infraction as part of its School Zone Safety Speed-Camera Program, which uses automated safety cameras to monitor and detect speeding incidents near Fife High School. The initial warning period ended at the close of the 2014-2015 school year.

Fixed speed systems are monitoring traffic traveling north and south near Fife High School along 20th Avenue and Valley Avenue between 54th Avenue and 62nd Avenue. Drivers found to travel at least eight miles over the posted speed limit will receive a ticket in the mail. The fine ranges between $132 and $268, depending on the driver’s speed.

“The safety of our students is one of our highest priorities,” said Fife Police Chief Mark Mears. “The cameras serve as a very powerful deterrent to speeding through the school zone, and our children are safer because of it. As drivers become more accustomed to the presence of the cameras, we expect violations to decrease.”

City officials selected the two camera locations following a traffic study conducted by Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., the providers of the speed enforcement technology. According to the study, systems detected more than 1,600 speeding incidents during a five-hour timeframe in which drivers exceeded the speed limit by at least 8 mph.

The cities of Tacoma, Moses Lake and Lakewood also partner with Redflex for their school zone speed programs.

Visit for more information about Fife’s School Zone Speed-Camera Program.