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The Lions Den

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What do Lions do?

You have probably asked that question before. We do a lot of service, we raise funds and have a lot of fun. We have a shared culture that we learn about as we grow. We become Lions by taking an oath. We become a Lion at heart when some project bites. After that we treasure being a Lion and love what Lionism is about. Here a some ideas what Lionism is about.
Our international character: We are in more than 210 countries and have more than 1.4 million members. Lions was founded in the United States in 1917 and became international in 1920 with the first club in Canada.

  • The LIONS LOGO is one of the world’s most recognizable logos.
  • There are many youth diabetic camps worldwide. Camp Leo is the camp in District 19 C.
  • The PEACE POSTER contest has engaged children worldwide for more than 25 years.
  • Lions’ special relationship with the UNITED NATIONS befits an association active across the world.
  • PROJECT NEW HOPE shines a very bright light in retired military people with PTSD.
  • We love to sing and hold great meetings.
  • In two words, WE SERVE explains who we are and why we do what we do.
  • We HATE MEASLES – really a lot, as we work with partners to prevent this deadly disease. District C in one year donated over $184.000 to the measles cause.
  • Our BLIND MEMBERS serve with amazing passion and energy.
  • We specialize in SMALL ACTS OF KINDNESS.
  • Our main mission is SIGHT CONSERVATION.
  • Though not as prevalent today, TAILTWISTER’S epitomize the fun side of Lions.
  • SIGHT FIRST has brought vision to millions, at the cost of a few dollars per person.
  • WHITE CANE DAYS has helped millions for sight conservation.  
  • Giving DICTIONARIES TO THIRD GRADERS is an outstanding project to serve youth.
  • ROADSIDE SIGNS mark our territory. Watch for Fife’s new sign on 20th St.
  • Lions DETER DIABETES, a growing deadly disease.
  • BLIND BASEBALL. What great fun to watch.
  • Clean, fresh WATER in developing nations – made possible by LIONS.