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The Good, The Bad and The Really Ugly.

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I don't need to tell you what's been going on in the last month – there's been plenty of Ugly. I wouldn't even know where to start if I tried, there's been so much. We have had the bad and the sad in our own Community, with the passing of several of our community members, including the tragedy of a young life, Carson Styron. No one has been unaffected by the recent chain of events - our flag seems to be permanently at half-mast.
I do however see quite a bit of Good going on, and people are choosing to respond in a Good way. We have such a great Community here in Milton, coming together and asking what can we do to make it better:

  • On July 11, our Council chamber was full with people asking to change the name of the lower ball fields in honor of Carson.
  • All month, the Parks have been full with various community events.
  • Cobalt Storage organized a cleanup group to spend a Saturday morning (July 16)
  • cleaning up the Milton portion of Pacific Highway. Twenty-five people showed up to do this dirty job, and I have never seen the corner of Porter Way and Pacific Highway look so nice.
  • Relay for Life, on July 8, fought through the tears and celebrated surviving and winning the fight against cancer in our City. City staff rolled up their sleeves to help with whatever was needed.
  • The Event Committee raised funds for Milton Days with a car wash.
  • Many community members are putting blue lights on their front porches to show support of our Police Department. The most courageous and Good Thing I saw all month was your Milton Police Officers at each and every one of these events, assuring our safety. I had an opportunity to speak with several of our officers in recent weeks and thank them for putting on their uniform and coming to work. Their response was simply, “It's what we do.” They're amazing!

What other Good Things can we do? Post things on Facebook showing our support, put blue lights on our porches, write proclamations... and I think we can do more. I think we can do what really counts. I've seen you do it over and over here in Milton where life is Good. You keep responding in a Good way.
Keep loving your families, keep loving your community, keep loving your neighbor. Show them your love and appreciation today – don't wait.
I'm thankful to live in Milton. See you at Milton Days!