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Milton residents of the Heather Hills Homeowners group made their annual donation to the Milton Police Reserve Officer fund at their Nov. 11 meeting. The $500 check was accepted by officers Shawn Huecker and Sergeant Russ Hume.

“Heather Hills has been an active supporter of not only our career officers but our committed reserve officers,” said Mayor Pro Tem Bart Taylor, who is a part of the homeowners group.

Reserve officers are different from regular officers in that they receive no salary and have to pay for their own equipment, which can oftentimes add up to a very large amount.

“This jumpsuit costs about $600, the boots about  $300, the vest just under $1,000 all the equipment on the belt $500,” Huecker said “This (donation) will be a tremendous amount of help.”

Equipment that reserve officers have to purchase include a Class A dress style uniform, a Class B patrol uniform, shoes, duty belt, handcuffs and holder, key holder, holster (level 2 or higher retention), baton and holder, magazine holder, OC spray holder, and Taser holder.

Establishments like Heather Hills recognize the value in training officers of tomorrow and its residents take pride in donating to the fund. Milton’s reserve officers are an active part of keeping the community safe, and are essential in preventing crime. When Huecker joined the reserves, 82 percent of reserve officers were hired full time by the state.

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