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Port of Olympia rally includes support for Standing Rock

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On Saturday, Oct. 22 more than 200 protestors rallied at the Port of Olympia to protest the arrival of fracking sand at the facility. The protest not only rallied against the sand sitting just a few meters away, but touched upon larger issues such as the potential Oil shipping terminals in Gray’s Harbor and to show support for protestors in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
The port received the shipment of fracking sand last month, and the material will used to help remove Bakken oil in North Dakota. Citizens came out to the Port Plaza to protest against this material on Oct. 22, to let the port know they want to cut off the material at one of its sources, and to get the message across that they can truly make a difference in the climate fight.
“We in the northwest are not powerless in this fight; we are the choke point, the thin green line that big oil has to go through to reach the global market. Love water not oil! We say no oil fracking sands at our port, and stand with Standing Rock and Quinault,” MC Zoltan Grossman said.
The group gathered also sent their energy to the protestors in North Dakota who have been protesting the potential pipeline since August at the Standing Rock reservation. The protest has galvanized Indian tribes across the country and continues to be of deep concern.
The rally was hosted by the Olympia Confronting Climate Crisis group and saw supporters show up from all over the state, including various groups of Natives ready to stand with those at Standing Rock, even if they were several states away. When asked how many protestors had been to Standing Rock in the last couple of months, many in attendance raised their hands.
“Let’s bring that energy from Standing Rock, and let’s support our relatives here,” said Matt Renley, a Lakota tribal member from Standing Rock.
The reason protestors have been flocking to Standing Rock over the last few months to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline is the millions of gallons of water that could potentially be contaminated should an accident occur along the pipeline. Standing Rock Sioux and others are vehemently opposed to such a risk to natural lands. In addition, the pipeline would desecrate sacred Sioux lands and put tribal members at risk of losing their beautiful homelands.
For more information on Olympia confronting the climate crisis, visit for the latest news and events from the organization.