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Nightside Distillery creates fruit punch vodka for a cause

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Nightside Distillery in Edgewood is not only introducing a new fruit punch-flavored vodka flavor this week, but donating a substantial amount of sales of the product to the East Pierce Fire and Rescue Foundation.
Nightside has been a part of the community for nearly four years, and after an avalanche of support, want to give back.
“The four years we’ve been here, our number one supporter has been the community. It almost gets to be like a family, so we decided that the best thing to do would be to come up with a product that allows us to give back to the community,” owner Tom Greene said.
The store will be selling the fruit punch vodka for $25 a bottle, with $5 of every sale going to the foundation, which is dedicated to outreach services and public safety education programs.
As Nightside Distillery expands, they hope to take this donation to other parts of the country and support other local departments.
“We’ve developed in a way where we want to support smaller fire departments wherever we’re at. In this case for our local western Washington demographic that we’re selling to, it’s East Pierce Fire and Rescue. If were down in Oregon selling, we’re going to find out through the charity programs what fire department down there has something, so we can give back to that community for sales down there,” Greene said.
The distillery is celebrating the release of the new product on Saturday, Nov. 12 with a launch party. Popular local food truck the Frying Dutchman will be on hand to provide food to compliment the array of drinks at Nightside.
“It’s a launch for the product but we always call it a party. With every product we do some kind of launch and they seem to get bigger and bigger. With this one we wanted to make it special because of East Pierce Fire and Rescue’s involvement,” Greene said.
Outside of the charity aspect, the fruit punch flavor is the next in a line of vodkas infused with fruit flavoring. Nightside takes pride in offering true citrus mixes, not just vodka with a tinge of fruit flavor.
“When we launch a flavor product we don’t launch with ‘hey this is vodka and it has a hint of citrus mixed with the drink.’ We launch a product that can stand alone as a drink and it’s the same with the fruit punch – this stuff is flavorful, it is tart and acidic, and a lot of people like that,” Greene said. “We make a flavored product that has enough alcohol to make your dollars worth it yet isn’t harsh or overwhelming.”
Nightside Distillery is located at 2908 Meridian Ave. and is open Fridays from 4-8 p.m. and Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m. Currently, their drinks can be purchased at their distillery or area Total Wine stores.