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New Alzheimer’s care facility opens in Edgewood

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It’s estimated that as many as 5.1 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. Most of these are elderly, and when it comes time for extra support, many care facilities are not adequately equipped for the unique challenges that come with a memory disease.

This is why Care Partners Management Group has developed the Cottages at Edgewood, a memory care community that provides housing and one-on-one senior care in a calm and safe environment. The Cottages are empty but ready to be filled, and a ribbon cutting ceremony took place Nov. 18.

“A living care facility like the Cottages at Edgewood really gives relief to local families. There is nothing like this in Fife, Milton or Edgewood that is completely dedicated to memory care,” Fife-Milton-Edgewood Chamber of Commerce member April Balsley said. “We have many great care facilities in the area that feature memory care, but this is the only one that’s completely dedicated to it. It’s almost taboo to talk about Alzheimer’s and things like that that are really starting to affect our people, and this is right out front talking about it, I can’t applaud them enough.”

The facility consists of three cottages, all of which include a kitchen, dining room, laundry and a living room area with a fireplace. Each resident is allotted plenty of space to hang up decorations and family mementos to make the cottages feel like home.

“The cottages can house up to 20 residents each to kind of get that intimate home like feel,” Care Partners staff Kim Fry said.

The Cottages also feature a courtyard where residents can take strolls while their family members can have peace of mind that their loved one is in a safe environment.

“Residents, even though they have memory issues, are able to walk in and out at their leisure, as we have a locked fence clear around the community as well,” Fry said. “What memory care really needs is the ability to be able to roam if residents choose to, but in a secure setting.”

Also contributing to the secure setting is a dedicated staff that consists of licensed nurses that make sure residents get the proper care they need 24 hours a day. Security staff is also present and are alerted anytime someone leaves the premises.

The Cottages at Edgewood is gearing up to start tours of the facility and hope to start filling rooms very soon. The current goal is to have the facility completely up and running by the end of the year. Care Partners are dedicated to making sure finances are straightened out before seniors move in. A financial review is performed with families beforehand to determine if alternate payment methods are necessary, and to ensure that no financial surprises are on their way in the future.

“We’re starting tours right now, and we would love to see anybody and everybody who is interested,” Fry said.

Care Partners is looking forward to working with Edgewood to provide a dedicated home to citizens who need memory care,

“We’re excited to be open in Edgewood and serving the senior community here,” Care Partners Manager Bob Chapman said.

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