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Neighbors scared after shots fired

// at Pierce County Sheriff’s Department's Foothills Detachment

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Detectives are trying to identify whoever fired shots at the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department's Foothills Detachment building in the Bonney Lake area last Saturday while two deputies were inside.
"It’s somebody we want to get caught right away because obviously they have a grudge against us personally or police in general, ” said Det. Ed Troyer.
At 10:21 p.m., the building at 11107 214th Ave. E. was struck by five bullets. All five shots went into an office window in the front of the building; the deputies were not injured. Investigators believe the suspect(s) likely parked a vehicle, walked into the parking lot then fired directly at the building from less than 100 feet away.
“I heard something that sounded like pop pop pop pop,” said Diane Metzger who lives next door with her husband Tim. “We want to get our concealed weapons permit because we’re scared. We don’t want anything like that happening here. We want to protect ourselves,” she said.
At the time of the shooting there were three fully marked patrol vehicles parked at the detachment inside a fenced area that were clearly visible. Investigators believe the suspect knew there were deputies inside the building when the shots were fired.
"This crime is a direct attack on our deputies. But it is also an attack on the entire community. If you attack the people who keep citizens safe, you attack the foundation of safety in the community. Whatever the motivation for this action, it is dangerous and it is flat unacceptable. If someone has the twisted idea that this is an opportune time to strike out at law enforcement, they will learn that they are sorely mistaken," said Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor.
If you have any information on this shooting, call the Crime Stoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County hot line anonymously at 1 (800) 222-TIPS.