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Mukerjee becomes Fife City Manager

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Subir Mukerjee, who has served as Fife’s deputy city manager, was appointed to the city manager position by Fife City Council this month. The unanimous appointment took affect immediately.

He had been serving as the interim city manager since former City Manager David Zabell left Fife to accept a position in Pasco last year.

Mukerjee said that working closely with Fife over the years, either as the former Milton city administrator and then as Fife deputy city manager, has prepared him for the role.

“When I came to Fife nine months ago, I never expected to be promoted so soon. It’s a wonderful surprise and I am ready for the job. I am confident that we can work together to accomplish our goals,” he said.

Mukerjee will serve as the city’s chief excecutive officer responsible for day-to-day operations and assist City Council and staff in shaping several major policy issues.

Fife City Council consists of seven members, elected to four-year terms. The council serves as the legislative branch of Fife's government. They are responsible for establishing policy, voting appropriations, developing the city's vision and mission, and passing local ordinances, resolutions and proclamations. They are also responsible for appointing the city manager and the members of the city's commissions.

Mukerjee’s employment contract with the city calls for a salary of $12,575 a month with an additional $5,000 a year if he moved from his current home in Thurston County to a house inside Fife. He will also receive $500 a month for travel expenses.