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Michael’s Marketing Minute

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Emerald Queen Casino Crime Stoppers

Have you ever gone frame shopping? You know, at one of those custom frame shops or a craft store? There is an infinite amount of different frames – simple, complex, hip, traditional. But why is a frame so important? Isn't it the picture inside the frame that matters?
 Frames certainly have a purpose, and when it comes to marketing, I think we can use the same idea. For example, if you're selling a used pair of pliers, maybe you want to frame the advertising with images of being tough and old school and getting your hands dirty. You wouldn't surround an ad for used pliers with images of luxury and trendiness – but you would, however, use those images if you were selling a new car. I think it's a valuable exercise to think about the frame of marketing we put around our brands and products. It's all how you present something to your customers and how it makes them feel and the right frame can make all the difference!