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Michael’s Marketing Minute

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Emerald Queen Casino Crime Stoppers

Email. Ugh! Right?! The steady stream (or rushing river in many of our cases) of emails seems to never end. There are a few possible explanations – maybe you signed up for a few too many free coupon emails from your favorite retail stores, maybe it's time to hire a secretary to field all the incoming messages of people interested in your business, or maybe you're just a super popular person! Whatever the case, email is part of all of our lives and so we all have to deal with it. And since everyone has to check their email, it's one of the best mediums for getting the word out about your company. I highly recommend every company, no matter how small, to start building an email list and sending out regular email newsletters. There are many email marketing services that work great and are usually free up until you are sending a hefty amount of emails each month. Personally, I use Mail Chimp (, but there are many others for you to choose from. Next, offer an incentive on your website for people to sign up for the email list – maybe a coupon, maybe a free hug – whatever works for your business. Then it's all about sending out newsletters at the right frequency (every day is probably too much and once a year is definitely not enough) and making sure each one you send out has something that catches the recipients eye and then follows up with valuable content – quality over quantity. Happy list building y'all!