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// Senergo brings healthy tasty freshness to downtown Tacoma

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Since opening in 2015 at 1948 Pacific Ave. in downtown Tacoma, Senergo has been serving delicious and nutritious smoothies and wraps to locals throughout the area. Owner and founder Joseph Nguyen, originally from Vancouver, BC founded Senergo in the hopes of bringing popularized Canadian health conscious delicacies of fresh pressed juices, 100 percent fruit smoothies and toasty grilled wraps to clientele in the Pacific Northwest.
Senergo’s mission is to provide a modern, smart and healthy diet for busy lives by using no sorbet, no puree and no added sugars; no hidden secrets – just simple goodness. Every aspect of this restaurant has a focus on bringing the highest quality products to each and every patron – even the name Senergo is a combination of: Smoothie Energy to Go.
Nguyen states, “We aim to help our busy consumers with a ‘food-done-fast’ mindset. Senergo replaces the common burger with delicious, toasty, on-grill wraps that contain a nice balance of protein and vegetables. Instead of conventional soft-drinks, we offer natural, fresh-pressed juice made from your favorite fruits and vegetables; as well as 100 percent juice-bases smoothies made with real fruits and delicious extras.”
With very close proximity to Tacoma School of the Arts and University of Washington-Tacoma on Pacific Avenue, Senergo has catered a menu cleverly to the student and educator clientele that frequents the establishment. The smoothie menu in separated into three different levels of smoothie types: Smoothie 101, Advanced Smoothies, and Smooth Connoisseur. Smoothies on the Smoothie101 menu are simple fruit and fruit juice combinations crafted for those who enjoy a pure and fruity taste. The Advanced Smoothie menu includes the same fresh taste of fruits like orange, apple and banana mixed with extra flavorful goodness from dairy products, coconut and more such as the Creamy Mango with mango, low-fat yogurt, apple juice, orange juice and skim milk for a perfectly satisfying taste.
The final category of smoothies at Senergo is Smooth Connoisseur which includes mixtures of fruit, vegetables, nuts and other healthy ingredients that create delicious and filling smoothies. The Senergo is one of the most popular smoothies served with a delicious tasting combination of kale, spinach, apple, banana, almond, orange juice and apple juice. All smoothies come in one hearty size of 22 ounces and can include extra add-ons of peanut butter, whey protein, vegan protein, coconut water and more.
“Many students and professors from UWT will come down and have a smoothie for lunch and leave feeling full,” Nguyen said.
In addition to the many different types of smoothies, 100 percent fresh pressed juices are served in 24-ounce portions – classic juices like orange, apple and carrot as well as combinations like Liver-Ton, a mix of beet, carrot, lemon and ginger, or the Ultra Veg! with lemon, celery, cucumber, kale and spinach.
If you are in the mood for a heartier meal, Senergo’s grilled wraps and sandwiches are a must try. The Saigon Grilled Wrap is a customer favorite of a combination of fresh vegetables and chicken with a spicy, flavorful sauce to make for a bold and enjoyable taste in this wrap.
“Grilling the wraps makes them taste better and customers enjoy the warm food taste way more,” comments Nguyen. Senergo is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5p.m, closed on Sundays. For more information and updates on specials and new menu items, follow Senergo’s Facebook page.