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Edgewood author writes adventure novel

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Edgewood is quickly becoming a hot bed for up-and-coming authors. While last month, the Milton-Edgewood Signal highlighted Leo Taylor, a historical fiction writer and resident of Edgewood, another author also calls the city his home; Robert Hager recently published his first book, Magic in the Bay Islands, and doesn’t look to be putting down the pen any time soon.

“I have lots of stories to tell and I thought maybe it was about time for me to tell some of them,” Hager said.

Hager, a former commercial pilot, has flown all around the world and has transferred some of that experience it into his novel. ‘Magic in the Bay Islands’ follows a couple searching for adventure in the Caribbean; the journey sees the pair tangle with buried treasure and modern pirates.

“’Magic in the Bay Islands’ started as one of my adventures, some of the things I did and of course went from the ships log into the what-ifs to make it exciting, you have to add this that and that so its marketed as a fiction novel,” Hager said.

Though “Magic in the Bay Islands” just went on sale last month, Hager is already busily working on his next book, “Voodoo Drums,” which he hopes to have completed by summer, the new book will focus on the happenings at a hotel in Haiti, another location that Hager is very familiar with.

Hager had his original book written for some time, but was encouraged to follow through when he received positive feedback from those around him.

“I had this bay island book just milling around I said, ‘why don’t I think about it’ and then a couple of people read it and said ‘oh man, that’s good,’ so I started fiddling around with getting it out there,” Hager said.

Hager helps run Gina’s Barber Shop, located at 2121 Meridian Ave. with his wife, Gina, and has been an Edgewood resident for quite some time, after previously living in the Florida area. After an irregular heartbeat took him out of the flight business, he decided it was time to start telling his stories. Hager’s books begin as ideas in his head, notes here and there, about a funny or action-packed situation.

“I make myself a lot of notes, then I try to organize the notes not necessarily, chronologically, just different things here or there and funny things. Then I go back and try to put some chronological order. For me, my writing process takes place in my mind, I try to imagine what this guy would have done, or how this guy would have done this. I know my subject matter, but if you don’t, you have to research it, and find out if what you think is what it really is,” Hager said. “Even though it’s a fiction book you don’t want to put out a lot of misinformation, that’s the way I write.”

Hager is also working on a third book that draws upon his current experience of working with his wife. The project is a children’s book that follows the adventures of a barbershop owner and their friendly dog, told through both illustrations in pictures. Hager hopes to have the book completed by February.

“He’s older, but age doesn’t matter, I’m so proud of him,” Gina Hager said.

With a book just released, two more on the way and endless more in his head, it looks like there is no stopping Hager,  who is continuing to help establish Edgewood as a cultural hotspot.