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Learncation Travel spices up conferences

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Conferences are just a fact of life for professionals. Whether you are an educator who has to keep up with the latest innovations in teaching, or just a fan of a specific field like wine tasting, the scene is familiar to millions: a gray conference room filled with professionals in equally drab colors waiting for a potentially useful PowerPoint presentation to get underway.

Michelle Breining at Learncation Travel has over 25 years of experience shaking this image up, with conferences taking place on cruises all around the world rather than at conference centers, allowing for an educational experience with a dash of adventure. Learning about gardening in the Philippines or better business practices on the Alaska coastlines are just a few of the limitless possibilities at Learncation Travel.

“I’m committed to get customers the best deal, the best fit and the best rate to meet their needs,” Breining said. “You can’t get the hands-on experience sitting at a Seattle convention center looking at four walls. The experience on a cruise is second to none.”


Learncation offers cruises for any kind of seminar, but Breining specializes in continuing education and wine education seminars. Recently, she was able to send a group of wine lovers on a cruise through Spain and France for a wine education seminar. Not only were the patrons afforded plenty of time to learn about the subject, they got to visit vineyards in person to get a true hands-on experience that couldn’t be found at a traditional conference.

“The educational piece is just so much better. You get so much more out of it by having a ship take you to a destination and learn along the way,” Breining said. “I think that would be a great benefit for people who want to do this.”

Another benefit to a Learncation is the ability to take friends and families along for the ride. While there may not be a lot for a spouse to do during a hotel convention, everyone can enjoy a cruise, no matter what the purpose.

“We’ve had 1,000 people on our cruises before. You are able to bring families and have that education all together to have that complete experience,” Breining said.

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you and your company, contact Michelle Breining at (253) 576-8965. Learncation Travel will discuss with you a proper location, type of cruise and rates for you and your group.