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Jazzbones fundraiser to help burglary victim Kris ‘Sonics Guy’ Brannon

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This spring was quite a roller coaster ride for Kris “Sonics Guy” Brannon, the Tacoma super-fan who's been carrying the torch for the Seattle Supersonics since the team left for Oklahoma City in 2008.

Thousands have seen Brannon adorned in green and gold as he's appeared at hundreds of local festivals and concerts, drumming up support for bringing his favorite team back. And his wish seemed closer to coming true than it had been in years on May 2, the day Seattle City Council rejected a plan that would have allowed entrepreneur Chris Hansen to build a new arena in the city's Sodo District.

“I thought we had the votes going in,” Brannon mused a few days later. “As Sonics fans, we're disappointed and depressed about the outcome, but that still doesn't mean we won't keep fighting for an arena and getting a team back.”

Brannon could at least console himself with the excitement of starring in “Superfan,” a short documentary, directed by Leigh Burmesch, that documented his Sonics quest. The six-minute clip made its debut on May 21, at the Seattle International Film Festival, which brings us to the reason local bands and comedians will gather Saturday night at Jazzbones to raise money for their hometown hero.

“Well, my happiness lasted for about five minutes,” Brannon said. “My documentary appeared before a Spencer Haywood film. So I was at an after party with Spencer and Chuck D from Public Enemy and (Seattle Seahawks defensive end) Michael Bennett and all these luminaries. Then just to come home and have my house ransacked of everything I had of value ... I was just crushed.”

Brannon discovered the intruder when he returned home from Seattle, around 8 a.m. the morning of May 23. “I noticed one of my yard waste cans was down, which was weird,” he recalled. “I thought maybe it's the wind. I tried to open my front door, and I noticed that the deadbolt was locked. I thought this isn't right because you can only do that from the inside.

“So I go around the back and I see some discarded coat hangers that are from inside my house and a couple of items of clothing scattered. I'm like, 'Oh crap! Somebody's been in my house.'”

Brannon caught a fleeting glimpse of the intruder who briefly opened the door as he was calling police. “I ran up the walk an engage him for about a half second before he closed the door on me,” he said. “Then I bebop between the front and the back, but unfortunately he did get away before the police showed up.”

Brannon said the intruder was a skinny male, about 5 feet, 8 inches tall and possibly Hispanic. He got away with 60 to 70 pieces of memorabilia, which included jerseys, jackets, hats and jewelry. “The thing I'm most upset about is my dad's ring, really,” he said. “All the rest of the stuff can be replaced.”

Last month, friends and supporters contributed to a page set up to help Sonics Guy cover the cost of his rent and other expenses. On Saturday at Jazzbones, musical acts Little Donuts, Q. Dot, Battersea and the Spins will contribute their talents to the cause. “It's truly humbling and amazing, and I'm just very grateful,” Brannon said.

Music will start and 8 p.m., and there will be a $7 cover chargea the door; for further details.