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Fire and Rescue News: Warm Weather Water Fun!

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To help prevent unintentional drownings and increase life jacket use, East Pierce Fire & Rescue, sponsored by East Pierce Professional Firefighters, offer life jackets at a discounted price of $14 in sizes infant through adult. Stop by our Headquarters Station anytime between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. The wearer must be present so our firefighters can provide a custom fit.
Need to borrow a life jacket? We can help! East Pierce Fire & Rescue offers free life jackets for loan. The program provides a simple way for people to borrow a properly-sized life jacket for the day or weekend at no charge. Life jackets are available in infant through adult sizes.
Life jackets can be checked out or returned at the following locations:
• East Pierce Fire & Rescue - Headquarters Station – 18421 Veterans Memorial Dr E, Bonney Lake (The wearer must be present so our firefighters can provide a custom fit.)
• Lake Tapps North Park – 2022 198th Ave E, Sumner (self-serve kiosk)  
• Allan Yorke Park – 7203 W Tapps Hwy E, Bonney Lake (self-serve kiosk)
At any time of year, Washington waters can be appealing and dangerous at the same time. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when enjoying our waterways.
• During summer months, water is often warm on the surface, but may be much colder below. We don’t think about the risk of hypothermia during the summer, but our lakes and rivers are glacial fed. We are essentially swimming in ice water. If you or your children are cold in the water (blue lips, chattering teeth, and shivering), it’s time to get out and warm up for a while.
• Use caution when swimming and always supervise young children playing in or near the water.
Rivers may not be moving as fast, but log jams and debris you can’t see under the water can trap swimmers and large rocks and logs could tip over rafts, canoes, and kayaks.
Be sure children wear a properly fitting life jacket, and watch them closely around water; they can go under water quickly and quietly. Drowning is silent, there is often no splashing or panic.
Parents are powerful role models - if they wear life jackets, it’s more likely their children will, too.
East Pierce Fire & Rescue would like you and your family to enjoy the water safely this summer! Check out our website ( for more life jacket and water safety information.