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Edgewood police chief to retire at end of year

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After nearly a decade with the Edgewood Police Department, chief Ed Knutson is hanging up his boots and retiring at the end of the year.
“It has been an honor and pleasure serving the citizens of Edgewood for the past 9 and a half years. You have made me and the other officers feel welcome and appreciated and that is not always the case in our profession,” Knutson said in a thank you letter to the community.
Knutson has been a visible part of the community during his tenure as chief. He could frequently be found at community events, whether in an official capacity or not. He was an example of true community policing, and citizens in Edgewood know his smiling face just from friendly interactions. This reporter even remembers a time when Chief Knutson offered assistance to him after a spat of car trouble. Though Knutson spent nearly 10 years with the city of Edgewood, he has been with the Pierce County Sheriff’s department for nearly 30, dedicating his life to protecting others. He hopes his department and citizens of Edgewood will continue to connect with and support one another in the years ahead.
“The officers that have served, and will be serving, you are outstanding, compassionate people and they only want to provide the best service they can. Please continue to support the men and women of the Edgewood Police Department as they are ‘your’ department,” Knutson said.