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Dave’s of Milton to host weekly ‘Paint Nite’

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Milton is a city of art, and now residents looking to express that side of themselves are already flocking to “Paint Nite” every Wednesday at Dave’s of Milton from 7-9 p.m.
For the past eight months, Dave’s has been clearing plates and moving in easels as a groups of citizens come to replicate a painting presented by a professional artist. The artist takes them through the painting step by step and Dave’s remains open for any guests that would like to order drinks.
Paint Nite is a national program that encourages people to come out and express their creative side in a relaxing environment. The program provides all necessary materials for a small cost every week.
“We started this with the idea of doing it once or twice a month, then it evolved to every Wednesday. I know we’re not the only ones in Puget Sound who do it; it’s popular in Seattle, but we’re definitely the only one in Milton,” Dave’s owner Jim Jacobson said.
The event is meant as a way to have a night out and relax, and no one will judge your work – most times guests paintings look wildly different from each other. It’s a way to unwind and connect with the Milton community.
“ hosts the event, and an artist helps citizens recreate the painting so they end up very similar but not identical. Some people go off the board and get creative. Paint Nite its about having fun – it’s not art school. It also exposes people to Dave’s. People show up right before 7 p.m. and the artist brings all the paints. We do it in the dining room next to the bar. A lot of people do it in groups, and we have a good atmosphere. It’s usually 90 percent women, but men are more than welcome,” Jacobson said.
This is a different approach for Dave’s, as it’s not music or any other loud event bur rather a quiet reflection, and a way to communicate with people with common interests. This is a goal for Jacobson, to keep Dave’s as a place where the community can come out and get to now another and an establishment like Dave’s.
“People like to eat and drink locally, and that’s what I want to give them the opportunity to do. They like supporting their neighbors and friends and having an opportunity to have a little fun and not go very far,” Jacobson said.
As for Dave’s, Paint Nite is just another way for them to connect and continue to grow the Dave’s community.
“We’re still supporting local music, and the food side is growing. We have regular events and support local charities. We haven’t had a major change – most have been in the back in the house – but we’ve done things like paint every surface. We’ve owned Dave’s since May of 2015 and we just keep plugging a long,” Jacobson said.
For more information on Paint Nite or to find an event near you, visit For more information on Dave’s of Milton or to see a calendar of events, visit