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CRIME STOPPERS: Pierce County detectives seek bike-riding credit card crooks

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Pierce County detectives are trying to identify two young men who tried to use credit cards at Walmart stolen during a burglary in Puyallup. The thieves broke into an attached garage and stole a wallet, keys and other valuables while a family with five children were asleep in the home.

With her hands full with five kids, homeowner Chelsea Casement stays busy.

“You can't even have your kids running around in the front yard without worrying about it. It's stressful,” said Casement.

It’s even more stressful because her hands weren't the only ones busy last week – so were those of the thieves who broke into her garage and stole her fiancé’s wallet and keys to his truck that sat on top of the fridge. Casement said it looks like the thieves even tried to turn on her family’s boat.

“Scared because, you know, I have five kids here, and you know it's been crazy with all the random people walking around, and it's a little bit nerve-wracking,” said Casement.

According to Pierce County sheriff’s detectives, two young men were caught on surveillance video riding their bikes into the Puyallup’s Walmart later that morning. Detectives say the pair were caught trying to use the stolen credit card first at the Walmart but were denied, then successfully used it at a nearby Redbox.

“When someone gets a hold of your credit card, a lot of damage can be done,” said sheriff’s detective Ed Troyer. “In this particular case, we have two kids on bicycles trying to use this stolen credit card. Somebody probably knows who these two are. We want to get them identified and find out how they got this credit card, see if they're out riding bikes and stealing people's items either when they're sleeping or when their cars are unsecured.”

Casement said most of her stolen items have since been returned when someone found them but her sense of security is still shaken.

“I mean, we got it back and that's happy but someone still came into our garage,” said Casement. “I don't know who they are or how old they were or anything like that, but that shouldn't be something they get to do and get away with.”

At this point, Casement doesn't know how the thieves got in the garage because she remembers shutting it. However, at some point she believes something must have triggered it open after she went inside. It's why she's urging everyone to make sure your garage door is closed before you go in.

If you can identify the two men in the surveillance video, call Crime Stoppers of Tacoma-Pierce County at 1 (800) 222-TIPS. There is a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to their arrest.