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Business Spotlight: World of Weed

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With marijuana stores opening up all around the state, it can be difficult to know where to go for professional service. Alden Linn, owner of World of Weed, located at 3202 E. Portland Ave., believes not jumping the gun and opening early has allowed his store to be a destination for marijuana connoisseurs looking for top notch service.

“We were the last store to open in Tacoma because we wanted to ensure that it was done right the first time. I toured stores all over the state and often found I had to buy product off of a menu. I didn’t get a good chance to peruse what they had in stock. I always felt rushed. At World of Weed it’s our promise to let you see what you buy up front. Take your time and find what you want in our up front display cases. Our store was designed around this philosophy,” Linn said.

So whether you’re new to pot or an old pro, World of Weed’s professional environment is welcoming for all, an environment where you won’t feel rushed to make a choice with a staff that’s welcoming to all.

“[You’ll get] Expert guidance from our staff, great products and competitive prices. Our staff is hands down the best in Tacoma. We do extensive research on all the products that we have in stock and know what effects they will have. We travel all across the state looking for the best product around and think it shows. We have lots of products you simply can’t find at the other shops. We also price competitively and have daily deals,” Linn said.

The staff can, of course, guide you to a wide variety of products that Linn and his team have spent years hand selecting.

“We have a very diverse lineup in all categories: flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, oils and topicals and paraphernalia. We have price points for all budgets and have so much to choose from you could literally try something new every day for months and not try the same thing,” Linn said.

World of Weed is also using smart phone technology to bring their marijuana shop into the modern day.

“We also focus heavily on technology. We just launched a new ‘reserve your stash’ feature on our iphone and android app. This allows customers to reserve products online and come in to pick them up. This saves time by allowing customers to check our inventory and reserve whatever it is they want. Because our inventory is ever changing we wanted to allow customers to ensure what they are looking for is in stock. And if it is they can reserve it to ensure its here when they get here,” Linn said.

Linn and his team believe that their highest priority is serving the community in a responsible way, and are dedicated to navigating this new world of legal marijuana in the proper way.

“We take the opportunity to serve the community very seriously. Being only the second state to legalize, we are under a microscope. Our number one priority is to ensure not selling to minors under 21. We also want to stamp out the black market. They don’t pay taxes which are roughly 46.5 percent of every purchase. I don’t mind paying the tax. It’s a cost that can pay for schools, research and consumer education. We want to be good stewards and feel the system that’s been created enables us to do that,” Linn said. “There is no playbook for what we are doing. That’s what I like about it. We’re given the opportunity to pave the path for the rest of the nation and want it to be a huge success.”

World of Weed is open Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For more information visit