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‘Beard buzz’ brings big benefits for Family Resource Center

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Some brave, bearded men at Endeavour Intermediate School really care about Fife School District’s Family Resource Center. On Feb. 8 they proved it by allowing their beards to be shaven off in front of the whole school as part of a deal they made with students there collecting donations for the Center. The goal was to bring in 4,000 food drive items but the intrepid Endeavour students and their families brought in more than 5,000 items, including toiletries and personal items, which led to several male teachers – including Principal Josh Goodman – holding up their end of the bargain by getting in the barber’s chair. At a fun and boisterous celebratory assembly, students chanted, “Take it off!” as the hair clippers buzzed away. For some of the men it was a lot to give up – Assistant Principal Brian Neufeld had his beard for 30 years and counselor Jesse Smith hadn’t seen his bare chin in nearly 10 years. About 30 students were given free haircuts as well, all courtesy of Endeavour alumnus Albert Carrillo and his team from The Barber’s Lounge in Fife.

“It was a crazy assembly and we had a great time,” said teacher and School Spirit Team leader Julie Gallagher. “We are so thankful that people supported us and went through their cupboards to help us out.”