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As anyone who has experienced the cycle of dieting knows, losing weight can be a serious struggle. Keeping the weight off often proves to be the biggest challenge, with the losing-gaining-losing rollercoaster leading to discouragement, disappointing results and, sometimes, poor health in the long run. However, there is a solution: medical weight loss, which ensures maximal muscle preservation and preserves lean body mass, therefore preventing the drop in metabolic rate that leads to rapid weight regain that can be experienced following a large weight loss.
At Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness (3555 Market Pl. W. in University Place), your health is in the experienced hands of trained professionals led by Dr. Valerie Sutherland, MD. Dr. Sutherland is a board-certified internal medicine physician She is also an amateur bodybuilder and triathlete who has won many competitions. With this experience, she has practiced the skills, behaviors and techniques to achieve dramatic changes in the body, which helps her understand the challenges facing each of her patients as they embark on their personal journey toward their health goals. 
Consulting with patients one-on-one, Dr. Sutherland will develop an individualized program of medical weight loss to treat the metabolic condition of excess body fat based on your metabolic profile, health conditions and lifestyle. All of Rainier’s treatment plans are based on guidelines from the Obesity Medicine Association, of which Dr. Sutherland is a member. She opened Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness on June 1 and already clients have lost over 3,700 pounds.
"I am passionate about helping each client take back their health and improve not only their weight, but their vitality.  I launched a groundbreaking physician's office where we work with the clients closely to treat the underlying cause of health issues associated with excess weight and minimize prescription medication whenever appropriate,” she said. “Obesity is an epidemic and one of the leading causes of preventable disease and early death. It can shorten one’s lifespan by 8-10 years. Instead of treating the symptoms, such as high blood sugar, we treat the cause.”
Throughout your program, Dr. Sutherland and her health care team will partner with you through the three phases of weight loss: active phase, transition phase and maintenance phase. Registered Dietician, and certified personal trainer, Victoria (Beth) Hedrick helps clients reach their health goals through nutrition therapy and by providing positive, encouraging motivation that supports her clients through each phase of their weight loss journeys.
Your health insurance plan may cover the cost of visits. Contact Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness at (253) 292-1535 or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Learn more at


John T:
Why did you go to Rainier Medical?
“The clinic is close to my home and I weighed 275 pounds. I wanted/needed to lose weight.”
What was your experience like?
“GREAT!!! I lost weight fast at first and I continue to lose weight each week. The team is encouraging and I feel better than I did when I started and I have more energy.”
How is the program working for you?
“Good – I am still losing and maintaining really. My eating patterns are different than they were before. I have learned to eat better. I used to be a ‘junk food junkie’ and now I don’t even want that type of food.”
What’s the best part of Rainier Medical?
“The food tastes good. And the encouragement and ongoing support knowing that the staff is credible and knowledgeable about the program (having an MD and Dietician on staff that know what they are talking about).”
Would you recommend Rainier Medical to others?
“I have and I will continue to do so. The program works!”

Carol Z:
Why did you go to Rainier Medical?

“My friend told me about it. She wanted me to attend with her and I reluctantly agreed.”
What was your experience like?

“Impressed at the no pressure informative information session. We were given samples of the food to try and we could let them know what our thoughts were.”
How is the program working for you?
“I have lost every week. I feel very supported, and my medical concerns are monitored very thoroughly. I am very well taken care of. If someone has medical issues, this program is for them.”
What’s the best part of Rainier Medical?
“Constant support of staff. They care and always answer your questions. If there is a problem, they will help you figure it out. They always accentuate the positive. My food cravings changed and I want to eat healthier.”
Would you recommend Rainier Medical to others?
“Yes! The care is great! Food is not expensive. People might be put off thinking it costs a fortune but it doesn’t. The food isn’t weird and it is good-tasting. It’s a great place to achieve success that is lasting – they make you want to care.”

Maryn S.
Why did you go to Rainier Medical?

“My resting heart rate was in the 90s and my labs were horrible. I am in my 40s and didn’t want to have my health stink in my 50s. I had almost given in to being heavy but medical issues started affecting me.”
What was your experience like?
“I’ve been really motivated by quick results. Also the team is supportive and motivating. I loved having a body comp done and having the team explain it to me. It really helped me understand the connection of muscle mass and personal results. I like that they track my labs and monitor them closely.”
How is the program working for you?
“I love it! I was worried about how I would adapt to a lifestyle change. It’s my new normal and I’m okay with it and I don’t feel deprived.”
What is the best part of Rainier Medical?
“Dr. Sutherland – she’s smart and very credible. I trust her implicitly with my health decisions. It’s major to have a Medical Doctor you trust.”
Would you recommend Rainier Medical to others?
‘I do to any and all people who need/want help with weight. Just this last week I spoke with three people about Rainier Medical.”

The following is a thank-you letter sent to Dr. Sutherland from her client Anne Artman.

I entered Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center to schedule an appointment for a facial and overheard the excitement of women discussing their weight loss success. I stayed for an orientation that changed my health in ways I never expected. After Dr. Sutherland explained the steps and process of the program – weekly appointments, which included health monitoring, meals replacements, charting and support services – the journey began.
Within the first week I lost six pounds, but this program isn’t simply about weight loss – it’s an overall change in health and habits. I’m a 55-year-old woman with congestive heart failure, insomnia, addiction to Pepsi and coffee. I have been taking over the counter sleep aids for nearly 10 years. As stated, within the first week I lost six pounds, stopped drinking coffee, Pepsi (wasn’t included on the program) and stopped taking sleep aids. I continue my Saturday mornings at Starbucks but order hot water, tip the barista, relax in a corner and read. The reaction from my husband, friends, family and coworkers has been a great motivator and support system.
Additionally, Rainier Medical Center has a compassionate support team, with weekly support groups that include resources such as exercise demonstrations, weekly walking groups and guest speakers. I joined a local neighborhood women’s fitness center, which is a small, supportive collection of women who have enhanced my experience and are in-line with the programs recommendations. At first, the program wasn’t easy. I it hit a plateau, developed inflamed muscles and struggled through the holidays. The Rainier Medical team addressed each concern, which included Dr. Sutherland quickly treating my Bursitis (inflamed muscle). In four months the program has become a way of life. I’m within a few pounds of reaching my goal!
I was raised in a culture where large meals – fried and fatty foods – are part of our diet. As the year comes to an end, I’m feeling better, stronger and healthier than I have in years. For the first time in years, my New Year’s resolution isn’t to lose weight, but to maintain my weight and continue on the same journey. Thank you Dr. Sutherland and the team at Rainier Medical Wellness Center.

Anne Artman