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// Ditch the scale and experience weight loss success at Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness

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As anyone who has experienced the cycle of dieting knows, losing weight can be a serious struggle. Keeping the weight off often proves to be the biggest challenge, with the losing-gaining-losing rollercoaster leading to discouragement, disappointing results and, sometimes, poor health in the long run. In addition, while some diet programs can succeed in helping you lose weight, studies show that half the weight you lose is muscle. However, there is a solution: medical weight loss, which ensures maximal muscle preservation. This means that in the end, you will be leaner, tighter and lighter, instead of “skinny fat” produced by starvation diets and unhealthy fasting.

At Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness (3555 Market Pl. W. in University Place), your health is in the experienced hands of trained professionals led by Dr. Valerie Sutherland, MD. Dr. Sutherland is a board-certified internal medicine physician with specialized training in weight loss and aesthetic medicine. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California and as a Dean’s Scholar from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. She completed her internal medicine internship and residency at George Washington University. Dr. Sutherland has been practicing medicine since 2002 as both a hospitalist and primary care physician.

Dr. Sutherland is also an amateur bodybuilder who has won many competitions including the “Figure Overall” category at the 2014 Washington Ironman and first place in “Figure” at the 2014 NPC NWCC Northern Classic Championships. With this experience, she has practiced many of the skills, behaviors and techniques to achieve dramatic changes in the body, which helps her understand the challenges facing each of her patients as they embark on their personal journey toward their health goals. 

Consulting with patients one-on-one, Dr. Sutherland will develop an individualized program of medical weight loss to treat the metabolic condition of excess body fat based on your metabolic profile, health conditions and lifestyle. All of Rainier’s treatment plans are based on guidelines from the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, of which Dr. Sutherland is a member. She opened Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness on June 1.

"I am passionate about helping each client take back their health and improve not only their weight, but their vitality.  I launched a groundbreaking physician's office where we work with the clients closely to treat the underlying cause of health issues associated with excess weight and minimize prescription medication whenever appropriate,” she said. “Obesity is an epidemic and one of leading causes of preventable disease and early death.”

One way that Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness helps clients kick the bathroom scale habit is to offer a body composition analysis for its clients, and for people who walk in, at a cost of $45. (Mention this article and receive the report and an interpretation from Dr. Sutherland for $25.)

Body composition analysis is key. Since a person’s body weight is made up of muscle, fat and water, the key to effective weight loss is losing excess body fat, not overall body weight. Instead of tracking how heavy you are, body composition analysis tracks how healthy you really are rather than focusing on a single number on your bathroom scale. Body composition analysis allows you to focus on losing body fat and gaining muscle while retaining the proper amount of body water in specific areas of your body. Using the InBody570, Dr. Sutherland can accurately measure your body composition in less than 45 seconds and go over a results sheet that lists your body composition components. The InBody570 can also track your progress over time, as body composition analysis is the key to tracking and maintaining effective weight loss.

Following individual consultation with Dr. Sutherland, clients who decide to proceed will receive a treatment plan with consideration to utilizing a combination of tools to reduce body fat: weight loss medications; medical foods scientifically formulated to promote fat loss, preserve lean tissue and control hunger; and strategies in nutrition, behavior and exercise. All programs are based on the latest scientific research and professional treatment guidelines.

Throughout your program, Dr. Sutherland and her health care team will partner with you through the three phases of weight loss: active phase, transition phase and maintenance phase. Registered Dietician, and certified personal trainer, Victoria (Beth) Hedrick helps clients reach their health goals through nutrition therapy and by providing positive, encouraging motivation that supports her clients through each phase of their weight loss journeys. The new you will be enhanced by Licensed Master Esthetician and Licensed Massage Practitioner Rachel Mae, in addition to the anti-aging and beauty treatments offered at Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness including Botox, facials, chemical peels, waxing, professional make-up and more.

Your health insurance plan may cover the cost of visits if you have a medical condition related to your weight such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure or abnormal cholesterol. Contact Rainier Medical Weight Loss and Wellness at (253) 292-1535 or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).