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Be Well - Inside and out: Vital Family Chiropractic

// Offering health and wellness services for the whole family

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Two months ago, Dr. Julie Peterson opened her practice, Vital Family Chiropractic in Lakewood. After being a practicing chiropractor for 16 years in Charleston, SC she moved to Lakewood to provide her services to the Puget Sound community.
Peterson fell in love with the Lakewood/Steilacoom area after visiting Charles Wright Academy, where her daughter attends. A passionate speaker and chiropractic motivator, she has been devoted to helping families achieve optimum health and wellness through excellent chiropractic care. “It is my goal to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health so that innate intelligence will be at 100 percent,” she said.
Her practice has a focus on providing services to patients of all ages. Peterson estimates that 40 to 60 of the average 100 patients she sees a day are babies or children. Her specialty is pediatric chiropractic adjustments. Vital Family Chiropractic is a family friendly practice with an emphasis on affordability and a patient first mindset.
“I am not for the trend in medicine where doctors think they should make patients wait. I respect my patients’ time and know they are busy like everyone else,” Peterson said.
Vital Family Chiropractic is a practice with an “old doctor” style and a modern touch. Typically chiropractic practice is associated with helping with back and neck pain or migraines but chiropractors actually work with the central nervous system to properly adjust the spine to alleviate a wide variety of issues that a patient may be experiencing in his or her body. “Typically a patient comes to me for one of two reasons. About half my patients come to me because their body is hindering them from doing something in their life. I try and read body signals to understand how this is affecting their life,” she said. “The other half of my patients come for adjustments as preventative measures from developing issues in the future.”
Whether you have a physical concern currently or are looking for preventative treatment, Vital Family Chiropractic is a great place for any patient or any age. It’s never too early to start caring for your body.
Another particularly important aspect of Peterson’s practice is her focus on affordability and accessibility of services for all patients. “We work with patients with all types of health care plans to make our services as affordable as possible.”
With 20 years of experience as a practicing chiropractor and many prestigious awards and accolades, like being a member of the Society for Neuroscience, Peterson is a great addition to the chiropractic services offered in Lakewood to the Pacific Northwest community.
Now through Christmas Peterson will be offering a chiropractic examination and x-rays (if needed) for $25 to benefit the Lakewood community’s health and wellness. Visit Vital Family Chiropractic’s website at for more information. Vital Family Chiropractic is located at 7504 86th St. SW, Suite 150, Lakewood, WA 98498. Call to schedule an appointment at (253) 275-0478.