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Edgewood gym makes safe haven for women

There are many reasons why women might choose to get their workout from a women's-only gym boutique. Beyond not wanting to do warm-up stretches in front of a crowd because of concerns with gawking, an all-women's gym can simply feel safer. Maybe someone has a history of abuse, or maybe she has personal body issues and doesn't want to feel judged, or maybe she's just tired of going to the gym where past experience suggests men have failed to wipe down equipment after they sweated all over the treadmill or weight machines.
Passionate about helping women improve their lives, group fitness instructor and personal trainer Trudy Neill from Beach Bound Fitness knows all these concerns intimately. That's part of the reason she opened her boutique gym for women where she teaches beginning and advanced weight training, nutrition and… Read Full Story


Infoblox Inc., the Silicon Valley-based network control and security company, has designated its Tacoma office as a “Center of Excellence for Technology Innovation” and a “Hiring Hub.” The company has nearly doubled its employee count from its initial hiring phase and is planning to expand its headcount to as much as 150 people by the end of 2018.
When Infoblox leaders were seeking to establish a new Center of Excellence, they considered 12 different communities across the nation. The site selection criteria focused on areas with higher education institutions that produce… Read Full Story

fife Police Blotter

The students at Hedden Elementary held their annual field day June 14 and got to visit with Fife police officers and inspect police vehicles.
Fife Police Department is alerting drivers that 12th Street East, from 46th Avenue East to 54th Avenue East, will be closed until Aug. 26.
The Safe Street of the Week is 48th Street East, between 70th Avenue East and Freeman Road East.

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Food Fight! Extended

The battle royale between Mill Ridge Village Executive Director Jennifer Reich and Fife-Milton-Edgewood Chamber of Commerce's Director of Membership Development April Balsley has been extended to June 26. The two are battling over who can gather the most food for the Edgewood Fish Food Bank to benefit…

Fire and Rescue News

East Pierce Fire & Rescue would like you and your family to be safe this Independence Day. Please use these tips and regulations to help prevent disaster this July 4th. Although it is safest to take your family to a professional fireworks display, millions of people choose to use fireworks on…

Dance Theatre Northwest presents ‘All That Dance’

On Saturday, June 24, Dance Theatre Northwest will bring its newest production of “All That Dance” to the Mount Tahoma high school auditorium (4634 S. 74th St.) at 4 p.m. “All That Dance" features "42nd Street," "Almost Blue," "The Reef," Fascinating Rhythm," "African Spirit," excerpts from…

Pierce County deputies search for convicted child predator
David Rose

A convicted child predator is wanted in Pierce County. David Thomas is a Level 3 sex offender – the worst of the worst and highest risk to re-offend. He’s failing to register as a sex offender, a crime that’s not new to him one bit. “Our suspect has been convicted of not registering before,…

Local Restaurants: Chef provides excellent cuisine for your event or party
Tami Jackson

Delphia Brewton is a personal chef who offers all sorts of catering. While she loves creating excellent cuisine, she is also expanding her brand and is working on a new cookbook. Customers can also buy gift baskets accompanied with a gift certificate from her to deliver when someone is ill or a "welcome…

South Sound’s emergency homelessness plan move foward
Steve Dunkelberger

Tacoma city staff outlined three options to step up efforts to curb homelessness in Tacoma and hours later the City Council then approved the least expensive option, the one staff recommended, with monitoring over the summer and an expected request for more funding following that review. “It is…

Moody’s upgrades Fife School District

Moody’s Investors Service has upgraded the credit rating of Fife School District, which now has one of the highest credit rating of any school district in the state. “This is great news for the District and its taxpayers,” said Superintendent Kevin Alfano. The upgrade was part of an anticipated…

Festival of Sail runs June 15-18
Steve Dunkelberger

The summer season is here and sailboats are on the water around Commencement Bay. But next week those wind-powered wonders will be a bit larger than usual. Festival of Sail runs June 15 to 18 and promises all things nautical with pier-side tours of more than 20 vessels and family entertainment up…

Local farmers markets up and running for the season
Tami Jackson

Farmers and food assistance programs are both growing thanks to Tacoma's Farmers Markets. It's something worth singing "hi-ho, the derry-o" about because while Tacoma has four farmers markets, Stacy Carkonen, Executive Director of the Tacoma Farmers Market, said a big factor influencing when each…

Fire and Rescue News: Addressing: How can we find you in an emergency?

There's nothing like knowing someone is out there waiting for your help, but you can't find them! Your address numbers can be a vital link to your safety. A poorly marked address can delay emergency response time when minutes and seconds make a difference between life and death. Addresses covered…