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Uptown Koffee Kafe coming soon

The City of Milton will soon have a new family friendly gathering place when Uptown Koffee and Kafe, located at 2700 Milton Way, opens this summer. Owners John and Missy Fietz have been planning the café for some time, and plan to make it a community gathering place for years to come.

The café will have a rustic, homey feel, with a cozy fireplace next to a window look out at Milton’s abundance of trees. Hand-crafted furniture, put together by John Fietz, will contribute to the relaxing atmosphere. Whether people just want an espresso or a place to take their kids for breakfast, Uptown… Read More


Fife Farmers Market opens June 3

If there is one part of household chores that makes them such a, well, chore, it’s the monotony. The laundry always has to go into the washer, then into the dryer, then folded. The lawn is always mowed in never ending circuits. Grocery shopping takes place in the same cramped aisles, with the same squeaky cart, every week.

However, starting June 3 Fife is offering an alternative to your… Read More

Be well - Inside and out: Vivacity Skin Care with BREO

Since establishing Breo International LLC in October of 2015, Yevgeny Gil, CEO and founder, has worked tirelessly to develop a skin care product that will outshine all others like it on the market today. Next week Breo International LLC will launch its first product, Vivacity Calendula Foaming Facial… Read More


Championship weekend looks good for Fife’s best

As the sun sets on another successful year for Fife High School athletics, there’s still one more weekend on the calendar, and it may very well be the biggest of them all for Trojan teams this year. With the baseball, softball and several track and field athletes gearing up for their respective… Read More

Trojans celebrate Homecoming with win over FP

Homecoming is one of the great fall traditions at high schools and universities. Alumni are invited back to campus and encouraged to interact with their old school, just not in that creepy “Dazed and Confused”, Matthew McConaughey way of interacting. On October 9, Fife High School had their homecoming… Read More

Tacoma Rainiers Tacoma Stars

Neverland Theater summer camp now enrolling students

With summertime just around the corner, Fife Schools’ drama teachers Hayley and Emily Rathburn are busy lining up students to take part in the sisters’ Neverland Theater musical theater camp experience.

Now in its third year, the camp runs from June 28 to July 28, Monday through Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Students 10 to 18 years old from any school district are welcome to sign… Read More

TMP’s ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ flies high

“If you get to like them and understand them, if you are kind to them and don’t scratch their paint or bang their doors, if you fill them up and pump them up when they need it, if you keep them clean and polished and out of the rain and snow as much as possible, you will find, you MAY find, that… Read More